Based in Smethwick our 4 acre site doubles as a sorting centre and a waste transfer station.

Fully accredited with the Environmental Agency, our Smethwick site is the starting point of our operations and ...
Our recycling operation was introduced to service our increased demands of raw material, to keep costs low and maintain a consistent supply of materials.

The recycling lines we ...
KB Works houses 9 extrusion lines, 6 bag making machines and all the other equipment needed to support the production process and to make the products we sell.

Our machines have been ...
Our warehouse allows us to stock hold your orders for call off, we utilise it to help provide our partners with price stability and quick turnaround times.

KB Extruders, A leading independent company in the manufacture of Polythene sacks. Our operations include waste collection, identifying waste and categorisation, export and internal recycling. Waste from packaging and industrial streams are diverted into our own state of the art recycling facility in Witton Birmingham. This waste is an integral part of our raw material feed stock used to produce our polythene products.

At present our Smethwick facility Recycle Paper and Plastics is processing up to 500 tons of packaging waste each week. This consists of polythene, waste cardboard and paper. Our waste cardboard and paper is compressed and loaded into containers for export. Any polythene collected is divided into two categories, internal use or export.

We are always looking for like minded companies to work with. We offer competitive pricing, reliable services, a controlled and consistent product as standard. Our capabilities are constantly growing and we are ready to work with any company for our mutual benefit.

As a manufacturer with control over our own raw materials we can offer long term and realistic cost savings. All we need is your commitment to want to work with us.

If you are in the market for any of our polythene products get in touch and we will gladly help.

About Us

KB Extruders started its humble beginnings in 1980's from Birmingham. The company had 1 extruder and 1 bag machine with little experience or help the company started producing black refuse sacks.