Polythene black bags

Our core products are polythene based bags and sheeting.

We can produce:

Refuse sacks
Bin liners
Compactor sacks
Wheelie bin liners
Rubble/aggregate sacks
Coloured bags
Clear bags
High performance bags
Bags on roll
Centre fold Sheeting
Multi fold sheeting
LFT (lay flat tubing)
TPS (temp protective sheeting)

Polythene black bags

Our 'Buy British' range of refuse sacks on a roll are ideal for home use or retail sale. They are made from a strong blend of recycled materials giving them superior strength at a low price. They come packaged in boxes of 200 and the rolls are supplied with "Buy British" banding.

REFUSE SACKS We stock a vast amount of refuse sacks in our warehouses and because of our capacity we can offer a quick turn-around on all orders.

OFFICE WASTE BIN SACKS Our range of bags will cater for all your rubbish needs within the working office environment. The three different bags and sizes allow us to supply you, the customer, with a bag that fits the bin perfectly and at a price which is right for you.

COMPACTOR SACKS Yet another product that K.B. Extruders manufacture on-site thus allowing quick delivery on all orders received. This product is available in a number of sizes and colours.

GARDEN SHEETING This sheeting is ideal for green house tunnels and building temporary enclosures for plants. It comes on a roll and can be cut for any length required and with its durability. It is an ideal material for outside use.
KB Extruders maintains stringent quality control measures. It has indigenously developed different quality control methods that check the quality at different stages of the production to ensure that each product meets the set quality standards. Every product goes through the following tests.

Gauge Test: - for thickness.
Burst Test: - for strength.
Leakage Test: - for sealing of bags.
Slip Test: - for shine & smoothness.

Production Capacity:-
Polythene film for refuse sacks: 3,250 metric tons per annum.
Plastic Film/Tubing: - 1,200 metric tons per annum.
Both items can be used for making bags.
The most sophisticated quality control equipment or the most modern machinery will be useless if one does not have technically qualified personnel to operate them. The company has a team of highly technically qualified personnel posted in key areas to monitor and control the quality of the product.

About Us

KB Extruders started its humble beginnings in 1980's from Birmingham. The company had 1 extruder and 1 bag machine with little experience or help the company started producing black refuse sacks. 30 years later we have at the leading edge of our market producing high volumes of good quality bags.

We are family run company with family values.